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Creating positive, accepting, and life affirming environments.


FDR and Associates engages with companies, organizations, and individuals committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Together—through planning and facilitation, workshops and seminars, training, and development exercises, we work toward creating positive, accepting, and life affirming environments. Finally, we help them identify best practices to guide their operations and transform their cultures. We’ve also added a fourth critical pillar to DEI: B, which stands for belonging.


We seek to go beyond diversity training. At our core is the concept of Cultural Humility. We believe without cultural humility as a foundation, institutional change is not possible. Our consulting, advising, and facilitation services are designed to bring about organizational change that will result in a culture where people up and down the organization feel they belong, where they are included, listened to, and valued.

“FDR and Associates was instrumental in moving our organization forward. The consulting advanced us as a more effective organization and board. I would highly recommend them.”

— Della Blake
Black Behavior Health Network, Inc.

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